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Ducted Air conditioning Which one is best

A lot of people ask me with Ducted Air conditioning Which one is best, so I thought I would write an article and point out the difference. Firstly what I normally say to people is you have to answer three main questions before we can determine which one would suit you best.

  • What is your budget as this helps with 2 different parts the first being the type as an example lets say your budget is $4000.00 you will not get a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system installed for that price no matter the brand or size. But you would get a Evaporative ducted air conditioning system installed for that price depending on the size of your home.
  • What do you want the ducted air conditioning system to do as an example we use 3 main types of ducted air conditioning here in Perth the first one being ducted evaporative cooling, the second one being ducted gas heating, the 3 one is reverse cycle ducted air conditioning.
  • At Gmtair we always ask is it fully installed or did you want to do the Diy Ducted air conditioning option because once again this can affect the price by up to $1000.00 dollars not many companies will offer this option.

So some times when you are asked what is your budget it is for a genuine reason, I get some weird looks at times when I ask , then when i explain the reason people understand.

panasonic air perth gmtairBack to the question at hand Ducted air conditioning which one well if you have answered the questions above you may have already limited the choices. If not here is a basic description of the 3 most common duct air conditioning Perth systems.

  • Evaporative ducted air conditioning is one of the cheapest forms of ducted air air conditioning perth braemar greyconditioning and preforms a very effective for of cooling in hot dry conditions and is cheap to run and uses a combination of water and air to perform the cooling function. There are 2 disadvantages with evaporative cooling, the first being it does not heat and the second being in does not perform very well in humid weather to the point that some people turn of the water and run fan only.
  • Ducted gas heating is more suited to very cold areas of Australia, Perth has very ducted air conditioning layoutmild winters. But in saying that some people install the gas heating and they heat your home very well. Some of the disadvantages of ducted gas heating is the system doesn’t cool and  can be expensive to run. As an example if you live in the Perth hills Natural gas is not available in all areas so you have to use bottled gas which is a costly option. One on the reasons people use duct gas heating in Perth is the fact they want Evaporative cooling as there preferred option of cooling and the system does not heat.
  • Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is becoming a popular choice with Perth mitsubishi condensorbuilders and consumers. The system heats and cools very effectively. Reverse cycle air conditioning heats and cools parts of your home as requested by the push of a button. These areas are generally called zones, the number of zones and the size of the air conditioning unit will affect the price of your system. Some people say the disadvantage of reverse cycle air conditioning is the fact you are recirculating the same air through out the home and the running cost can be excessive if not used correctly as an example if you set say cooling at 18 degrees on a 40 deg day the air conditioning unit will keep running trying to get to that temperature. a more realistic temperature would be say 24/25 degree.

I hope this article was helpful and if you have any questions on ducted air conditioning which one  please call me or email me and i would be only to happy to answer.

Heating Perth Homes

Heating Perth Homes  is becoming very important these days as the winters in Perth appear to be getting colder. One of the most efficient forms of heating for you home is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. The two most common  types of reverse cycle air conditioning used for heating Perth homes are:

  • Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Split system Reverse cycle air conditioning

split system perthThe Split system reverse cycle air conditioning system is the cheapest of the 2 with prices starting from around $1100.00 fully installed for a small bedroom using a low end brand. The price starts at around $1400.00 when you move up to a quality brand like Panasonic, Mitsubishi heavy industries, Mitsubishi electric and Actron air, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. Most quality machines come with a standard 5 year warranty and use inverter technology these days. A word of warning just make sure when you are comparing prices you are looking at same model number and same technology as a fixed speed split system is a lot cheaper to buy but is more expensive in running costs.

reverse cycle air conditioning perth by gmtair

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is fast becoming a popular choice for heating Perth homes. When new homes are built now Perth builders are offer it as a standard add on, or including ducted air conditioning as part of the package. To add another $8000.00 to $12000.00 for the average home on to a mortgage is a very simple task and a lot of Perth consumers are taking that option. Once again like the split system there is a defiant difference in quality and brand of machine in relation to dollars spent. Another consideration with a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is to make sure you choose the right size system and the right brand depending on your needs and the way you want to use your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system.

The quality of your whole system is important ,using a poor quality flexible ducting or a poorDucted reverse cycle air conditioning quality motorised damper can affect the performance and reliability of your ducted air conditioning system. In turn make it more expensive to heat your Perth home.

The final thing to ensure you have a good experience on both price and service is do your research, Google is the perfect choice to look for a reputable air conditioning Perth company. Make sure they have a good online reputation and happy shopping if you need any more information send me an email or call me only too happy to help.

Split system air conditioning perth

Split system air conditioning Perth is a very popular option to heat and cool your home as the price of a split system can start as low as $500.00. However sometimes a cheap split system can cost you more in the long run. I would recommend you go to an air conditioning company to have your split system in Perth installed for the following reasons.

  • Air conditioning companies will be the one attending your site, and you wont beSplit system air conditioning perth talking with 3 person that starts passing on their charges, before you know it what was a cheap price you have just paid extra on installation of your split system.
  • Air conditioning companies will size your job up correctly and advise you of any potential problems up front instead of just talking with a showroom salesman.
  • If you are looking at installing 3 or more in your home stop and consider looking at a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system because the installation cost of each wall split it soon adds up and would be more cost effective.
  • you will have a contact number and a reliable company if you have any issues with your split system air conditioning Perth after the installation is complete.

One of the advantages of the split system air conditioning system  is, if you are on a tight budget you can buy and install one room at a time. Prices on split system air conditioning systems start from $1400.00 for the like of a Panasonic wall split system.




Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning perth prices

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth prices Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth prices would be at their lowest point now in years winter is fast approaching and every Perth air conditioning company is out to reduce their stock and the prices are pretty competitive. The cost of a ducted reverse cycle depends on the type of service you require the time of year you purchase and the brand of air conditioning system you want. For some reason people leave it to summer to look at buying air conditioning which is when Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth Prices are at their high point and the air conditioning companies are very busy.

My suggestion would be if you are looking for air conditioning in Perth install it between seasons like now up to the end of august from their prices will start rising as business picks up.

As an indication on price for a diy ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system prices start from around $4000.00 supply only up to about $10,000.00 for a very large system with lots of zoning  to have those same systems fully install add on about $2500.00 – $3000.00

A lot of air conditioning companies would steer you away from a diy system and say there isSamsung duct diy to much to go wrong. As long as you have the system design by someone that knows what they are doing. A detailed floor plan layout. The installation of the insulated flexible ducting and the ceiling vents is pretty easy if you are a well skilled handy man.

The refrigeration and electrical needs to be done by the qualified trade for you warranty to be honoured and ensure the system is working correctly.

So act now to get your  Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth prices send us in your plan to for a great price using quality components with over 30 years experience in the industry we will provide all the assistance required. Or call us on 9271 8643

Air conditioning in Perth

Air conditioning in Perth is virtually a must these days with Perth long hot summers air conditioning Perthsummer is now approaching and it is time to consider installing air conditioning. One way to do this is a diy ducted air conditioning system this is a cost effective way to heat and cool your own home depending on the type of air conditioning system you choose. There are 2 man types of ducted air conditioning systems the first is Evaporative cooling Perth. this is an air conditioning system that essentially has water running over pads then hot air is drawn through the wet pads and then in turn is pumped through the flexible ducting running through your roof into each room in the home and comes out of the plastic diffuser in each room. The system works very well in hot dry weather but preforms very poorly in humid weather.

The second option is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system it both heats and cools your home very effectively and is used for air conditioning in Perth in most commercial buildings and a lot of domestic homes the size of system varies depending on the size of your home or office. unlike Evaporative cooling the system uses refrigeration to cool your home. There are many different brands available on the market and what I suggest is to have a budget in mind before requesting air conditioning in Perth quote as this will help with your machine selection.

Panasonic Wall Split Perth Promotion

Winter is here are you in need of a Quality Panasonic wall split Air conditioning well look no further. Panasonic recently won the Canstar Blue most satisfied customers award  for 2014 for air conditioners. The award looks at the following 7 different areas.

  • AirCon-CanstarBlue-Award-News.ashxOverall satisfaction
  • Value for money
  • Reliability
  • After sales service
  • Energy efficiency
  • Quietness
  • Appearance

The survey included all other leading brands like Daiken, Fujitsu, Lg, Samsung, Kelvinator Mitsubishi electric,

So as you can see the Panasonic wall split air conditioner is a excellent choice to heat or cool your home. At present Panasonic are offering a $200 of your power bill this offer is limited so act now so you don’t miss out.

Panasonic Wall Split Perth PromotionBuying a Panasonic wall split Perth promotion through the specialist dealer network gives you peace of mind as they deal only with air conditioning systems and do it for a living from easy to difficult installations. They can recommend the best system to suit your application and budget. You also  know they  are using an award winning product so call us now for a obligation free quote on 0430 214 451




Panasonic Air conditioning Perth special offer

Panasonic Air conditioning Perth special offer. summer is just about here and the weather is starting to get hot. Now is the time to act before the Christmas rush starts and the thermometer starts rising. With every Panasonic ducted air conditioning system sold between the 1st of November and the 31st of December through a Specialist air network member you will qualify via redemption for a 50 inch led tv. To save missing out on this wonderful promotion I would act now as the weather is already warming

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a very efficient way of heating and cooling your home.with Prices starting from $5500.00 as a diy air conditioning kit  send us your plans and we will do a free quote. We only use high quality components like locally made good quality flexible ducting that conforms to the latest standards with out any short cuts. We  also use high quality steel motorised damper that wont twist and buckle in your roof space. The Panasonic inverter air conditioning system comes with a 5 year warranty .

Our installation time at present is 7-10 days from time deposit is paid so act now and it will be installed before the warm weather sets in or if you choose to install your self we can help you with a design, machine recommendations and helpful tips to make your installation hassle free. We can also  deliver the system to your door for an extra charge. If your require trades we have well experience guys we recommend and trust to do a good job.

A lot of air conditioning companies will tell you diy air conditioning is not a good idea because you will get it wrong/ I totally disagree with that statement in fact I have seen some diy installations look better than some installed by professional installers. The important part of the purchase is the design it  is carried out by well experience professionals that design systems for a living. They will then also give you tips to make your installation hassle free and problem free.

Diy air conditioning is not for everyone so we offer a complete supply design and installation service also we listen to your needs and wants and then design a system to suit using quality components at very competitive prices so email your plans now and you will be pleasantly surprise at the price.

Running Costs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

We have now had our Reverse cycle air conditioning system in and running for coming up Panasonic logo2 winters and I have been very surprised at how much it has cost us to run our system.

A lot of people use to tell me it was very expensive to run a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system and because I previously had a ducted evaporative cooling system I believed them. I live in the Perth hills and our options for heating are limited as we do not have natural gas in our area. So we went with a wood fire , as you would probably know maintaining a wood fire can involve a lot of work like cleaning fire out, chopping and stacking wood, lighting fire, cleaning chimney ect and to top it all off would only heat the room the fire was in effectively. On average we would use up to 5 ton a year the cost was around $1200.00.

panasonic condensor

We decided  it was time for a change and we installed a Panasonic ducted Inverter  reverse cycle air conditioning system.The size of our home we needed a 14 kw with 6 zones and 10 outlets the price was $10,400.00 the system was installed in the one day with minimal interruption to our daily schedule.  We now have a constant temperature controlled home without the hassle of doing all the other choirs that come with a wood heater as described above.

The surprising thing for me was the Running  Costs  Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system. For a 60 day period we have not spent more than $200.00 on power costs for heating our whole of home to the desired temperature with the push of a button we run our system between 22-24 degrees. The maintenance is very little removing and cleaning a filter every 3 months. Panasonic fancoilSo if you are building a new home or looking for a change in your current air conditioning system. I would strongly recommend a Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system and forget about the stories of being expensive to run. Providing you use a common sense approach to the temperature you set and the way you use your system I believe you will be pleasantly surprised like I was and on the humid days during summer you will be nice and cool and relaxed.

If you would like any more information just drop me an email will only be to happy to answer any further questions.

Ducted Air Conditioning Diy

 Ducted Air conditioning Diy is a great way to save money when installing ducted air conditioning within your home. Listed below are some of the benefits

  • It can save you up to $1000.00 depending on the size and type of your ducted air conditioning system.
  • You will also have the satisfaction of doing it your self.

Ducted Air Conditioning Diy A lot of air conditioning Perth companies say you have to have it installed by a professional. I don’t agree with that statement. If you have the design done by an industry professional (normally your supplier of system). A well skilled handy man is more than capable of installing all the components for your ducted air conditioning system.

When buying a Ducted Air conditioning Diy system consider the following important parts. The most important part is to buy the right type of system to suit your needs and budget. If you want cooling only and cheap running costs ducted evaporative will be you choice.

Ducted air conditioning diy Evaporative cooling

A ducted evaporative cooling system is the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning. We handle popular brands like Coolair and Braemar. To make the installation easier  we use a plastic dropper from advantage air . We supply quality Flexible ducting from a local Perth supplier. A ducted air conditioning diy evaporative cooling system could be install within a day.

Ducted Air conditioning Diy Reverse cycle air conditioning

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is by far the most effective form of heating on the market. The system is also a very effective for of cooling in a very humid or hot climate.Reverse cycle air conditioning heat and cools parts of your home as required. These parts are also know as zones. The system is more expensive to run than evaporative cooling.

Depending on the type of ducted air conditioning diy system you chose parts needed to be done by qualified tradesman

  • Electrical
  • Refrigeration
  • Plumbing

We carry a large range of machines with different brands and sizes in stock.

We also have common size wall splits available ex stock so give us a call  for a competitive quote on ducted air conditioning diy on 9271 8643 or email your plans to

Wall Split Inverter air conditioner

A Wall Split Inverter air conditioner is a great way to heat and cool a single bedroom or living area we have some great prices on Samsung wall splits and Panasonic wall splits at present. we can offer quick install prices by well experience trades people no job is too big or small.

wall split panasonic We are now well into winter and the nights are starting to get cold one of the most efficient ways to heat your home is reverse cycle air conditioning. This type of air conditioning system come in two forms Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning which heats and cools every room in home. Wall split air conditioner  which is ideal for heating and cooling single rooms.

At Present Panasonic has a great special running where you can get a rebate on your power bill below is a copy of the offer. If a wall split is not big enough for your application they also have a great special running on ducted air conditioning systems also.

Panasonic specialsSo if you need any type of air conditioning call us for a great deal or email your plans  on and we will send through great price .

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