Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Prices are very competitive at present with the bonus of a free TV via redemption. Summer is on its way and things are starting to get busy. Now is the time to choose your air conditioning needs for the coming summer season.

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

Panasonic ducted air conditioning Prices fully installed

Fully installed Panasonic ducted air conditioning prices start from $6000.00 for a 6kw machine which would be suitable for a small unit. An average price for Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems would range from $8000.00 up to $10500.00. This pricing range would be for an average 4 bedroom home. The size range would be typically from 10 kW through to 14kw. For above average homes Panasonic also do a 18kw and 20 kW machine.

The installation time for a standard ducted system is generally done in the same day. The job sometimes has to carry over to the next day. Some reason for delays  weather or just the difficulty of the job with maybe a tight roof space.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning Prices Diy

Diy ducted air conditioning prices is a fantastic way to save money and ensure you have a quality installation. The first step is to have the system designed by a knowledgeable air conditioning company. This will ensure the system works correctly when the heat is on. There are several important things to consider when deciding were to buy your system.

  • The first and most important is how long has the company been is business.
  • Will they do the design free of charge
  • Is the flexible ducting Australian made and does is conform to the latest standards and have the printing on the sleeve
  • Is the zoning metal or plastic?
  • Do they offer a choice of zoning system?
  • Does the company offer a delivery option because a diy ducted air conditioning can be quite cubic.

So if you need some advice on a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system call me and I can assist weather it be fully installed or Diy ducted air conditioning system.


Panasonic Air conditioning

Panasonic Air conditioning Is a brand well known in the air conditioning Perth market. I have been in the air conditioning industry for over 32 years. The Panasonic brand has  been around for decades and the brand is growing more popular.  I believe a Panasonic air conditioning Perth system offers great value for money. All Panasonic air conditioning systems comes standard with a rock solid 5 year warranty.

Panasonic Air conditioning Perth

Panasonic air conditioning systems have just won the 2016 canstar awards. Some of the categories judged were.

  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Functionality
  • After sales Service

For overall service Panasonic received a 5 star award.

Different types of Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems

Panasonic has a model to suit most different applications. A Panasonic Wall Split is the most common and cheapest form of reverse cycle air conditioning in the Panasonic range. A split system or high wall split and is a very efficient form heating and cooling one room. Wall split systems are sold through a lot of retailers however I would recommend to buy from a specialist air conditioning company. The reason for this is they will sell you the correct system for your application. Because  if a wall split is not suitable for the application they will recommend a different product. A specialist air conditioning company could offer the brand that would suit your application the best.

Panasonic Ducted Air conditioning systems are also becoming very popular with the changing weather pattern in Perth. Unlike the Panasonic wall split which heats and cools one room. A Panasonic ducted air conditioning system will heat and cool several rooms at once. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning range starts at 6.0kw and goes all the way up to 20kw. Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems are very popular with Perth large well know building companies. Most Perth builders now offer ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system as an extra to sell there home.




Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning – Spring Special

Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring special offers great value for money to air condition your Perth home. Summer is coming and the temperatures will heat up. Have you been considering Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning? Now is the time to act as Panasonic have a great special starting in October. With any Panasonic ducted system though out the month of October and November they are giving away a 40 in lcd led tv valued at $899.00 (conditions apply)via redemption.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring specialThe Panasonic  ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a total solution for both heating and cooling your home  in Perth. The system offers a solid 5 year warranty and has inverter technology. This year Panasonic has increased there size range of ducted air conditioning inverters. The size range starts at 6 kw and goes right the way up to 22.4 kw. The size range will heat and cool buildings from small units right up to large single story homes or 2 story homes.

The Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring special has to bought through a member of  the Panasonic specialist network. Gmtair is a member of the Panasonic specialist network and offers many different levels of service to meet your needs.

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Spring Special Fully Installed

Designed supplied and fully installed. Gmtair also does all the work from start to finish. Unlike your traditional air conditioning company Gmtair also manufactures and imports there own components.We also sell only Quality brands with a quality reputation.There are several reasons for this:

  • To ensure reliable Quality components.
  • Produces a high quality locally made fire rated flexible ducting
  • Quality steel products not plastic
  • Locally products used were possible
  • Sells the brand that best suits the application not that makes us the most profit

With our quality Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems, we only use quality proven products. Starting with a quality brand of air conditioning unit. In addition Panasonic was  around 35 years ago when I started in the industry. I also consider Panasonic a value for money system offering a proven history of reliability. We also use a quality locally made flexible ducting produced in bayswater. We also use quality steel motorised damper for zoning you ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning – Spring Special Diy Kit

At Gmtair we design and supply Panasonic ducted air conditioning diy kits also. Which you can install yourself to save money on installations costs. There are parts of the installation that would need to be done by qualified trades. Electrical connection and refrigeration connection the rest you can do.The savings could be up to $1000.00 depending on the size and type of system.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring specials are available through the months of October and November. So act now and send us your plans or give us a call and we will come out and do a site inspection. We will recommend the best size of system to suit your home.

If you are not after a Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring special. Finally we also do Ducted evaporative cooling and wall splits.



Mitsubishi heavy industries

Mitsubishi heavy industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries wall Split

Mitsubishi heavy industries reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a great way to heat and cool your home. A wall split system is a very popular type of reverse cycle air conditioning system and is commonly know as a  wall split or high wall split. The system is typically  used for heating and cooling a single room. Mitsubishi heavy industries  wall split brand recently won the choice awards for several models.

The Mitsubishi wall split range starts with sizes  from 2 kw right up to 9.2 kw. The systems can heat and cool rooms from 10 square metres right up to 63 sq metres. The Mitsubishi wall split range also offers a solid 5 year warranty for all there systems.

Considerations when purchasing a wall slit system.

  • have your system fully installed by a reputable air conditioning company
  • an average prices can range  $1200.00 up to $4000.00 depending on the type of installation.
  • Cheapest is not always best
  • Mitsubishi heavy industries wall splits offer 5 year warranty
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning system

If you are looking for a system to heat and cool more than one room at a time.  Mitsubishi heavy industries have a large range of ducted air conditioning systems. The systems can heat or cool large parts of your home at the same time. A ducted air conditioning system  has a fan coil concealed in your roof space. The fan coil has a metal plenum connected which has flexible ducting attached running throughout your roof into all the different areas were  ducted heating and cooling is required.

The Mitsubishi heavy industries ducted air conditioning range that starts at 7.1 kW  up to 20kw this is a great range for heating and cooling Perth homes. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are also used in a large range of applications such as:

  • office buildings
  • shopping centres
  • schools
  • medical centres
  • hospitals
  • restaurants

The quality of the Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioners  have a solid reputation within the Perth air conditioning industry and offer a solid 5 year warranty. The system also offers a classy lcd controller with simple operation.

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are one of the most efficient forms of heating for your home. With the touch of a button you select the desired temperature, the area you want to heat or cool in your home. The machine will then cycle on and off constantly checking the temperature until you desired temperature has been reach.

Mitsubishi heavy industries have a cash back promotion running for the month of august so act now and choose the type of system you require. Have the system installed before summer and get money back.

Where to buy Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioning systems

When you are selecting were to buy a Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioning system I would recommend to buy from a specialist air conditioning Perth company. There are several reasons for this.

  • one of the most important reasons would be for you get the right machine selection to suit your application and your budget.
  • A quality air conditioning company should also give you a complete price without any unexpected costs prior to starting your job.

If you would like any further information or advice on Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioner please send me an email or call me on 0430 214 451.





Panasonic wall split special

Panasonic wall split special in Perth act now while stocks lasts

Panasonic wall split special in Perth, winter is on its way and nights are starting to get Panasonic wall split special gmtair perthcold. We have some great specials for the month of May and June on the Panasonic wall split inverter. Panasonic are also offering an extra bonus in the form of a credit card redemption with every wall split bought up to the end of July.

We can arrange installation at competitive prices or sell the unit on its own if you have your own refrigeration mechanic and electrician. Bring in your house plans or room measurements and we will recommend the right size system to suit the rooms you would like to air condition.

If two or more Panasonic wall splits are bought at the same time we will give away a free water proof Panasonic camera valued at $250.00 – $300.00. The Panasonic wall split inverter is a quality brand machine offering a 5 year warranty and is a very cost effective machine.

Panasonic combine Inverter technology with our exclusive econavi sensor technology to create a powerhouse energy-saving product. These clever technologies benefit both the environment and your power bill, so your green intentions don’t have to prevent you from living a comfortable life.

As well as a cool, comfortable home, a Panasonic air conditioner provides the ultimate peace of mind with the nanoe-G air purifying system to eliminate unwanted contaminants and make the air healthier for you and your family. There is even an option for maintaining air moisture to reduce effects like dry skin, dry mouths and throats.

Panasonic wall split special systems are amongst the quietest in the world, so you can enjoy the comfort of running your air conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep. The outdoor unit is also very quiet which means you don’t have to worry about keeping your neighbours up either.

Air conditioning Perth Specials

Air conditioning Perth Specials 1Summer is well and truly here, We have on offer some great Air conditioning Perth Specials on offer depending on the type of air conditioning system you are looking for.The temperatures in Perth are set to head over 40 degrees in the next few days so now is the time to act to save your self some and ensure you stay cool.

Before we start the first question I always ask is what is your budget as this will help with your decision on the type of air conditioning system you are looking for. We have 3 types of air conditioning systems on special.

 Types of Air conditioning Perth Specials

  • Fully ducted evaporative cooling systems diy kits with prices starting from $2000.00 dollars.
  • Wall Split systems Prices starting from $800.00 supply only Quality brands
  • Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems diy kits with prices starting from $3400.00 quality brands all with 5 year warranty.

We can size and design any type of air conditioning system for your home we can also recommend high quality tradesman to carry out the work you need qualified trades people to do. If required we take on the whole job from start to finish and provide a complete supply and installed price.

With the current air conditioning specials on offer their are hundreds of dollars savings and for the month of February we will deliver free of charge and waive any fees  if paying by credit card.

At present we can supply and install Air conditioning Perth Specials within a week of payment being made in some case we can even supply within a couple of days. Plenty of wall splits in stock which could be collected same day payment is made.

We also have a special for the month of February on replacement vents were we will offer up to 25% discount  when buying 5 or more vents. Once again no extra charges when  paying by credit card so if you are looking  for an air conditioning system take advantage of the Air conditioning Perth Specials while stock last.

Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back

Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back is a great promotion leading into Perth’s as the cold weather is starting and the rain is finally here. No mater your budget Mitsubishi heavy industries has a cash back offer weather you are install a wall split that will heat and cool one room very efficiently or you would like to heat and cool your whole home with a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system the choice is yours.

If you purchase a ducted air conditioning system through the Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back of you could claim up to $400.00 and go into the draw for a chance to win several holidays. The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning will also heat and cool your home very effectively. Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most efficient form of heating on the market.

Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back time is running out

Mitsubishi heavy industries cash backThere are 2 ways you could look at getting your system installed, the first option is your tradition method of having an air conditioning Perth installation company take on the job from start to finished and charge you for the service they offer. the other option is to do a air conditioning Perth diy installation and do some of the installation work yourself. This option is not for every one but I find more and more people taking this option up as you can save yourself up to a $1000.00 on installation costs and in some case the job is done to a better standard.

So if you would like more information on the Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back offer please feel free to contact us for a great deal.

Panasonic ducted Air conditioning Perth Special 2015

Panasonic air conditioning perth special Panasonic ducted  Air conditioning Perth special 2015 offer. summer is just about here and the weather is starting to get hot. Now is the time to act before the  thermometer starts rising. With every Panasonic ducted air conditioning system sold between the 1st of October and the 30th of Novemberer through a Specialist air network member you will qualify via redemption for a 40” VIERA FULL HD LED LCD TV. To save missing out on this wonderful promotion I would act now as the weather is already warming up.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a very efficient way of heating and cooling your home.with Prices starting from $5500.00 as a diy air conditioning kit  send us your plans and we will do a free quote. We only use high quality components like locally made good quality flexible ducting that conforms to the latest standards with out any short cuts. We  also use high quality steel motorised damper that wont twist and buckle in your roof space. The Panasonic inverter air conditioning system comes with a 5 year warranty .

Our installation time at present is 7-10 days from time deposit is paid so act now and it will be installed before the warm weather sets in or if you choose to install your self we can help you with a design, machine recommendations and helpful tips to make your installation hassle free. We can also  deliver the system to your door for an extra charge. If your require trades we have well experience guys we recommend and trust to do a good job.

A lot of air conditioning Perth companies will tell you diy ducted air conditioning is not a good idea because you will get it wrong. I totally disagree with that statement in fact I have seen some diy installations look better than some installed by professional installers. The important part of the purchase is the design it  is carried out by well experience professionals that design systems for a living. They will then also give you tips to make your installation hassle free and problem free.

Diy air conditioning is not for everyone so we offer a complete supply design and installation service also, we listen to your needs and wants and then design a system to suit using quality components at very competitive prices so email your plans now and you will be pleasantly surprise at the price.

Reverse Cycle air conditioning Perth Samsung Special

Reverse Cycle air conditioning Perth Samsung SpecialReverse Cycle air conditioning Perth Samsung Special 7.1 Kw, Summer is on its way and we have 2 only Samsung Ducted air conditioning Diy kits for sale. Just provide us some house plans and we can do a flexible ducting design to suit your home. If a 7.1 kw is too small we also have other size units available and different brands ready to go.

Now is the time to act before the summer rush start and you can still take advantage of pre season pricing. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the perfect way to heat and cool your Perth home.

The Samsung ducted air conditioning special we have in stock at present will cool up to 50sq metres and is suitable for a small 3 x 1 home or a small unit. A typical 7.1kw Samsung ducted air conditioning system normally has up to 6 outlets and 4 zones The price on the system depends on the layout of your as an indication prices would start  $3600.00 supplied as a diy kit. Every thing you need for installing the system within your home.

If purchased within the month of September delivery of your Reverse Cycle air conditioning Perth Samsung Special 7.1 Kw will be delivered to your home in the Perth area free of charge so email us your plans now as we only have 2 system available at heavily discounted prices other size products and brands available.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated Air Conditioning some times confuses people. They ask the question what is the difference between Reverse cycle air conditioning and Refrigerated Air Conditioning. The answer is simply they are both the same thing.  They both heat and cool using a pressurised gas. Passing through a coil and both have compressors for circulating the gases. There are many different types of refrigeration systems .The square box type that will typical be mounted through a wall or window and plug in to a power point. This product  type is becoming dated. The wall split has take over as the market leader in small or large room single air conditioning systems.

Refrigerated Wall Split system


Refrigerated Air Conditioning wall split perthThe wall split system has a part inside and a part outside. Copper pipes connect outdoor and indoor system together. This makes installation easier as you only have to cut hole in wall for copper pipe and drains. Unlike the old box type where you had to cut a large square hole in the wall. The wall split  type can also give you more flexibility. The installation of the outdoor part can be mounted where needed. For example on the wall, roof or on the ground. The copper pipe can be lengthen or shortened as required. Wall split system sizes range from 2.0kw up to 9.0kw. They can heat or cool a small bedroom right up to a large lounge room or living area. With the inverter technology they can be very efficient. Compared with  some other products you may use to heat and cool your home. On of the disadvantages of  a wall split system is that if you want to heat and cool your whole home you need one in every room.


Ducted Refrigerated Air conditioning System


If You would like to heat and cool your whole home a ducted refrigerated system is what Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning perthyou will need.This system is designed to centrally heat and cool your whole of hove or the areas you are living in. The areas you heat or cool are sectioned of into zones and you open and close those zones as require. The duct refrigerated air conditioning system is the most expensive in Capital cost and also running costs as it is a lot bigger and more component parts than your typical reverse cycle wall split system. With the ducted air conditioning system there is an internal fan coil unit concealed in your roof and an outdoor unit these are connected by copper pipe. Flexible ducting installed in the roof distributes the conditioned air in to each room by the means of a ceiling vent or a wall register depending on the application. A return air grille with filter fitted once again usually mounted in the ceiling recirculated the air air back to the system for heating or cooling.

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