Ducted Air Conditioning Diy

 Ducted Air conditioning Diy is a great way to save money when installing ducted air conditioning within your home. Listed below are some of the benefits

  • It can save you up to $1000.00 depending on the size and type of your ducted air conditioning system.
  • You will also have the satisfaction of doing it your self.

Ducted Air Conditioning Diy A lot of air conditioning Perth companies say you have to have it installed by a professional. I don’t agree with that statement. If you have the design done by an industry professional (normally your supplier of system). A well skilled handy man is more than capable of installing all the components for your ducted air conditioning system.

When buying a Ducted Air conditioning Diy system consider the following important parts. The most important part is to buy the right type of system to suit your needs and budget. If you want cooling only and cheap running costs ducted evaporative will be you choice.

Ducted air conditioning diy Evaporative cooling

A ducted evaporative cooling system is the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning. We handle popular brands like Coolair and Braemar. To make the installation easier  we use a plastic dropper from advantage air . We supply quality Flexible ducting from a local Perth supplier. A ducted air conditioning diy evaporative cooling system could be install within a day.

Ducted Air conditioning Diy Reverse cycle air conditioning

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is by far the most effective form of heating on the market. The system is also a very effective for of cooling in a very humid or hot climate.Reverse cycle air conditioning heat and cools parts of your home as required. These parts are also know as zones. The system is more expensive to run than evaporative cooling.

Depending on the type of ducted air conditioning diy system you chose parts needed to be done by qualified tradesman

  • Electrical
  • Refrigeration
  • Plumbing

We carry a large range of machines with different brands and sizes in stock.

We also have common size wall splits available ex stock so give us a call  for a competitive quote on ducted air conditioning diy on 9271 8643 or email your plans to sales@reversecycleairconditioningperthdiy.com.au

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