Running Costs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

We have now had our Reverse cycle air conditioning system in and running for coming up Panasonic logo2 winters and I have been very surprised at how much it has cost us to run our system.

A lot of people use to tell me it was very expensive to run a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system and because I previously had a ducted evaporative cooling system I believed them. I live in the Perth hills and our options for heating are limited as we do not have natural gas in our area. So we went with a wood fire , as you would probably know maintaining a wood fire can involve a lot of work like cleaning fire out, chopping and stacking wood, lighting fire, cleaning chimney ect and to top it all off would only heat the room the fire was in effectively. On average we would use up to 5 ton a year the cost was around $1200.00.

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We decided  it was time for a change and we installed a Panasonic ducted Inverter  reverse cycle air conditioning system.The size of our home we needed a 14 kw with 6 zones and 10 outlets the price was $10,400.00 the system was installed in the one day with minimal interruption to our daily schedule.  We now have a constant temperature controlled home without the hassle of doing all the other choirs that come with a wood heater as described above.

The surprising thing for me was the Running  Costs  Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system. For a 60 day period we have not spent more than $200.00 on power costs for heating our whole of home to the desired temperature with the push of a button we run our system between 22-24 degrees. The maintenance is very little removing and cleaning a filter every 3 months. Panasonic fancoilSo if you are building a new home or looking for a change in your current air conditioning system. I would strongly recommend a Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system and forget about the stories of being expensive to run. Providing you use a common sense approach to the temperature you set and the way you use your system I believe you will be pleasantly surprised like I was and on the humid days during summer you will be nice and cool and relaxed.

If you would like any more information just drop me an email will only be to happy to answer any further questions.

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