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Air conditioning in Perth

Air conditioning in Perth is virtually a must these days with Perth long hot summers air conditioning Perthsummer is now approaching and it is time to consider installing air conditioning. One way to do this is a diy ducted air conditioning system this is a cost effective way to heat and cool your own home depending on the type of air conditioning system you choose. There are 2 man types of ducted air conditioning systems the first is Evaporative cooling Perth. this is an air conditioning system that essentially has water running over pads then hot air is drawn through the wet pads and then in turn is pumped through the flexible ducting running through your roof into each room in the home and comes out of the plastic diffuser in each room. The system works very well in hot dry weather but preforms very poorly in humid weather.

The second option is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system it both heats and cools your home very effectively and is used for air conditioning in Perth in most commercial buildings and a lot of domestic homes the size of system varies depending on the size of your home or office. unlike Evaporative cooling the system uses refrigeration to cool your home. There are many different brands available on the market and what I suggest is to have a budget in mind before requesting air conditioning in Perth quote as this will help with your machine selection.

Panasonic Air conditioning Perth special offer

Panasonic Air conditioning Perth special offer. summer is just about here and the weather is starting to get hot. Now is the time to act before the Christmas rush starts and the thermometer starts rising. With every Panasonic ducted air conditioning system sold between the 1st of November and the 31st of December through a Specialist air network member you will qualify via redemption for a 50 inch led tv. To save missing out on this wonderful promotion I would act now as the weather is already warming up.panasonic-ducted-bonus-

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a very efficient way of heating and cooling your home.with Prices starting from $5500.00 as a diy air conditioning kit  send us your plans and we will do a free quote. We only use high quality components like locally made good quality flexible ducting that conforms to the latest standards with out any short cuts. We  also use high quality steel motorised damper that wont twist and buckle in your roof space. The Panasonic inverter air conditioning system comes with a 5 year warranty .

Our installation time at present is 7-10 days from time deposit is paid so act now and it will be installed before the warm weather sets in or if you choose to install your self we can help you with a design, machine recommendations and helpful tips to make your installation hassle free. We can also  deliver the system to your door for an extra charge. If your require trades we have well experience guys we recommend and trust to do a good job.

A lot of air conditioning companies will tell you diy air conditioning is not a good idea because you will get it wrong/ I totally disagree with that statement in fact I have seen some diy installations look better than some installed by professional installers. The important part of the purchase is the design it  is carried out by well experience professionals that design systems for a living. They will then also give you tips to make your installation hassle free and problem free.

Diy air conditioning is not for everyone so we offer a complete supply design and installation service also we listen to your needs and wants and then design a system to suit using quality components at very competitive prices so email your plans now and you will be pleasantly surprise at the price.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth

Ducted Air conditioning Perth is a great to heat and cool your home Winter is fast approaching and the nights are getting colder. Now is the time to act as we have some great deals on ducted  Panasonic reverse cycle air conditioning systems with prices starting from $5000.00 supply only. Fully installed Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems start from $6000.00 installation can be arranged within in 72 hours of deposit being paid as all sizes are in stock.

ducted air conditioning perth Panasonic fancoilOne thing a lot of people don’t consider when buying a ducted air conditioning system is the quality of the components Products like the Flexible ducting. What type of material is used in the production process of all the products, Are the products Australian made or are they imported. Another important component in the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems is the motorised dampers are they steel construction or plastic.

So if you would like to find out more information on our great Ducted air conditioning Perth deals please feel free to email with your contact details sales@reversecycleairconditioningdiy.com.au we can also supply and install in the south west of Perth  for your all air conditioning Busselton needs or air conditioning Bunbury needs as we have agents in those areas also.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Specials

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Specials

Summer is coming to a end and we have some great ducted air conditioning Perth Specials remaining with Fully installed Panasonic Ducted  Inverter systems starting from a low $6180.00  fully installed with the peace of mind of a full 5 year warranty and installed by a professional that has been in the industry for close to 30 years.

At Present we can offer complete installation within 1 week of deposit being paid  so email me your plans to sales@reversecycleairconditioningperthdiy.com.au and we will provide a very prompt recommendation for your Perth air conditioning needs.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth SpecialsWe can also cater for the client that would like to do it as a diy air conditioning Perth project we provide a full service from unit recommendation to suit you application through to a full flexible ducting layout design along with all the time saving tips the professionals use.We can also recommend trades for the work you cannot do.

So email us now for the best ducted air conditiong Perth quote you will get using high quality components and quality brand machines at a very competitive prices.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Is a great way to Heat and Cool your home

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Is a great way to Heat and Cool your home, We are now in the middle of summer and the temperatures are starting to rise and the sleepless nights have started. A Panasonic ducted inverter air conditioner is a great way to cool your home.

Have you ever thought of installing your ducted air conditioning system as a DIY Project it isducted air conditioning Perth a great way of saving over one thousand dollars and  for you to have the satisfaction  of installing the system yourself. The tools you will need to install the system your self are basic tools like a ladder,saw, drill. The ducted air conditioning system will take less than a day to install and you will need to arrange a license electrician and refrigeration mechanic for your system to maintain its warranty and to conform with all legal requirements.

So if you would like more information on a Ducted air conditioning as a diy project  email me your plans for a free no obligation quote we have good stocks of most models so supply can be within a couple of days of order being placed.

If a diy ducted air conditioning system is not for you we can arrange a fully installed system using top quality component’s like a high quality Flexible Ducting made right here in Perth we also use quality brand of air conditioning systems like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu’s,Samsung and many more. so contact us now and we will help you with ducted air conditioning system in Perth to suit all budgets.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials are available from 01/08/2011 to 30/09/2011

So if you are considering a ducted air conditioning system in Perth and would like a quality system I would suggest you have a look at this great offer while stocks last. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning system comes with a full 5 year warranty with sizes ranging from 6.3 kw up to 14.0kw.

Panasonic fancoilWe can offer a fully installed price with installation of your system available within 1 week of signing contract. Your fully installed system would come with a full 5 year warranty on installation with quality components used. We use a quality flexible ducting made right here in Perth and good quality metal motorised dampers.

We can also offer a do it yourself ducted air conditioning we can size up your home and do a flexible ducting layout plan with machine recomendations. We can also supply contacts for the trades you will require to commission you Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. The Refrigeration and electrical will need to be done by qualified trades to ensure your warranty is not voided.

So if you would like a quote or more information on Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials feel free to contact us on 9271 8643 or email your plans info@gmtair.com.au