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Panasonic Air conditioning Perth

Winter in Perth is fast approaching and the nights are starting to get colder now is the time to act, and buy and install a Panasonic Ducted air conditioning system. Panasonic have a great promotion running at present on there range of ducted air conditioning systems where they are giving away $400.00 of electricity costs to help pay for your winter power bills through the specialist dealer network. In my opinion it could not have come at a better time as here in Perth we are getting hit with further price rises in electricity.

Panasonic air conditioning Perth

If you would like more information on Panasonic air conditioning Perth promotion free to call us or if you would like a quote for ducted air conditioning email us through your plan. We Cater for all levels of service at Gmtair form supplying all the components to Perth’s air conditioning contractors to Supplying a fully designed system supplied as a Diy kit for all the well skilled handy men that are looking to save money on the overall project. We can also arrange a fully design and installed system to a high standard as we have access to the best air conditioning contractors in Perth that treat the job as if they where installing it in their own home. Our email address is info@gmtair.com.au or call us on 9271 8643. At Gmtair we only us high quality proven products which have resulted in happy customers with problem free highly efficient Panasonic Air conditioning Perth systems.