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Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated Air Conditioning some times confuses people. They ask the question what is the difference between Reverse cycle air conditioning and Refrigerated Air Conditioning. The answer is simply they are both the same thing.  They both heat and cool using a pressurised gas. Passing through a coil and both have compressors for circulating the gases. There are many different types of refrigeration systems .The square box type that will typical be mounted through a wall or window and plug in to a power point. This product  type is becoming dated. The wall split has take over as the market leader in small or large room single air conditioning systems.

Refrigerated Wall Split system


Refrigerated Air Conditioning wall split perthThe wall split system has a part inside and a part outside. Copper pipes connect outdoor and indoor system together. This makes installation easier as you only have to cut hole in wall for copper pipe and drains. Unlike the old box type where you had to cut a large square hole in the wall. The wall split  type can also give you more flexibility. The installation of the outdoor part can be mounted where needed. For example on the wall, roof or on the ground. The copper pipe can be lengthen or shortened as required. Wall split system sizes range from 2.0kw up to 9.0kw. They can heat or cool a small bedroom right up to a large lounge room or living area. With the inverter technology they can be very efficient. Compared with  some other products you may use to heat and cool your home. On of the disadvantages of  a wall split system is that if you want to heat and cool your whole home you need one in every room.


Ducted Refrigerated Air conditioning System


If You would like to heat and cool your whole home a ducted refrigerated system is what Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning perthyou will need.This system is designed to centrally heat and cool your whole of hove or the areas you are living in. The areas you heat or cool are sectioned of into zones and you open and close those zones as require. The duct refrigerated air conditioning system is the most expensive in Capital cost and also running costs as it is a lot bigger and more component parts than your typical reverse cycle wall split system. With the ducted air conditioning system there is an internal fan coil unit concealed in your roof and an outdoor unit these are connected by copper pipe. Flexible ducting installed in the roof distributes the conditioned air in to each room by the means of a ceiling vent or a wall register depending on the application. A return air grille with filter fitted once again usually mounted in the ceiling recirculated the air air back to the system for heating or cooling.