Mitsubishi heavy industries

Mitsubishi heavy industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries wall Split

Mitsubishi heavy industries reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a great way to heat and cool your home. A wall split system is a very popular type of reverse cycle air conditioning system and is commonly know as a  wall split or high wall split. The system is typically  used for heating and cooling a single room. Mitsubishi heavy industries  wall split brand recently won the choice awards for several models.

The Mitsubishi wall split range starts with sizes  from 2 kw right up to 9.2 kw. The systems can heat and cool rooms from 10 square metres right up to 63 sq metres. The Mitsubishi wall split range also offers a solid 5 year warranty for all there systems.

Considerations when purchasing a wall slit system.

  • have your system fully installed by a reputable air conditioning company
  • an average prices can range  $1200.00 up to $4000.00 depending on the type of installation.
  • Cheapest is not always best
  • Mitsubishi heavy industries wall splits offer 5 year warranty
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning system

If you are looking for a system to heat and cool more than one room at a time.  Mitsubishi heavy industries have a large range of ducted air conditioning systems. The systems can heat or cool large parts of your home at the same time. A ducted air conditioning system  has a fan coil concealed in your roof space. The fan coil has a metal plenum connected which has flexible ducting attached running throughout your roof into all the different areas were  ducted heating and cooling is required.

The Mitsubishi heavy industries ducted air conditioning range that starts at 7.1 kW  up to 20kw this is a great range for heating and cooling Perth homes. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are also used in a large range of applications such as:

  • office buildings
  • shopping centres
  • schools
  • medical centres
  • hospitals
  • restaurants

The quality of the Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioners  have a solid reputation within the Perth air conditioning industry and offer a solid 5 year warranty. The system also offers a classy lcd controller with simple operation.

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are one of the most efficient forms of heating for your home. With the touch of a button you select the desired temperature, the area you want to heat or cool in your home. The machine will then cycle on and off constantly checking the temperature until you desired temperature has been reach.

Mitsubishi heavy industries have a cash back promotion running for the month of august so act now and choose the type of system you require. Have the system installed before summer and get money back.

Where to buy Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioning systems

When you are selecting were to buy a Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioning system I would recommend to buy from a specialist air conditioning Perth company. There are several reasons for this.

  • one of the most important reasons would be for you get the right machine selection to suit your application and your budget.
  • A quality air conditioning company should also give you a complete price without any unexpected costs prior to starting your job.

If you would like any further information or advice on Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioner please send me an email or call me on 0430 214 451.





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