Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning – Spring Special

Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring special offers great value for money to air condition your Perth home. Summer is coming and the temperatures will heat up. Have you been considering Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning? Now is the time to act as Panasonic have a great special starting in October. With any Panasonic ducted system though out the month of October and November they are giving away a 40 in lcd led tv valued at $899.00 (conditions apply)via redemption.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring specialThe Panasonic  ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a total solution for both heating and cooling your home  in Perth. The system offers a solid 5 year warranty and has inverter technology. This year Panasonic has increased there size range of ducted air conditioning inverters. The size range starts at 6 kw and goes right the way up to 22.4 kw. The size range will heat and cool buildings from small units right up to large single story homes or 2 story homes.

The Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring special has to bought through a member of  the Panasonic specialist network. Gmtair is a member of the Panasonic specialist network and offers many different levels of service to meet your needs.

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Spring Special Fully Installed

Designed supplied and fully installed. Gmtair also does all the work from start to finish. Unlike your traditional air conditioning company Gmtair also manufactures and imports there own components.We also sell only Quality brands with a quality reputation.There are several reasons for this:

  • To ensure reliable Quality components.
  • Produces a high quality locally made fire rated flexible ducting
  • Quality steel products not plastic
  • Locally products used were possible
  • Sells the brand that best suits the application not that makes us the most profit

With our quality Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems, we only use quality proven products. Starting with a quality brand of air conditioning unit. In addition Panasonic was  around 35 years ago when I started in the industry. I also consider Panasonic a value for money system offering a proven history of reliability. We also use a quality locally made flexible ducting produced in bayswater. We also use quality steel motorised damper for zoning you ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning – Spring Special Diy Kit

At Gmtair we design and supply Panasonic ducted air conditioning diy kits also. Which you can install yourself to save money on installations costs. There are parts of the installation that would need to be done by qualified trades. Electrical connection and refrigeration connection the rest you can do.The savings could be up to $1000.00 depending on the size and type of system.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring specials are available through the months of October and November. So act now and send us your plans or give us a call and we will come out and do a site inspection. We will recommend the best size of system to suit your home.

If you are not after a Panasonic ducted air conditioning spring special. Finally we also do Ducted evaporative cooling and wall splits.



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